I dump as much as I can into the trash, then let the rest air dry. Usually by the time I'm ready for another cup, they're dry and can easily be knocked into the trash. I picked up the medium sized Finium tea filter recently ($7 on Amazon) and the lid doubles as a receptacle for drippings as the tea dries. Takes up a… » 10/03/11 8:46am 10/03/11 8:46am

Until the TSA gestapo and airline austerity measures made flying so unpleasant, I flew just about anywhere that was more than a 6 hr drive. This year, I decided that if I could make the drive in two days and stay with friends/family on the way, I'd do that instead of flying. That's how I ended up driving from VA to MO… » 6/16/11 3:45pm 6/16/11 3:45pm

I don't have a single favorite thing because all of them eventually bore me on longer (3+ hr) flights. So, I usually have my iPod, a book (or ebook), a magazine, and a netbook or iPad handy. I also have the magical ability to sleep on a plane, and usually fall asleep even before leaving the gate, so that eats up a… » 5/02/11 10:33am 5/02/11 10:33am

I was using Alarm Clock 2 on my Mac, but I found that the sound of the computer turning itself on (along with the accompanying bright light of the screen) was enough to wake me, and not in a pleasant way. If you don't need much to wake you, you might need to look at other alarm tools that are a bit more gentle. » 2/08/11 5:36am 2/08/11 5:36am

I picked up a dozen or so inexpensive cotton napkins earlier this year. I've been using them instead of paper napkins. I toss 'em in with my laundry when they're dirty, and they've barely made an impact in the load size. Haven't missed the paper napkins, and I can still use (much less frequently) a paper towel if I… » 12/06/10 2:17am 12/06/10 2:17am